Geometry level motion blur


Awesome! That effect reminds me of the old StarFox 64’s warp stages:

Thank you! I’m flattered :slight_smile:

That looks really nice!

Thanks a lot!

ohhhh!!! Another good one by you :slight_smile: ! nice work

Thank you :smiley:

The shooting and physics is great, but I can’t spot the motion blur. Where is it?

Thank you! It is the effect you see when you move the boxes by moving on them or just shooting at them.

Now I saw it. :smiley: How could I miss that!? :-S

It’s probably a design problem of mine, I should design demos clearer about their purpose so the people wouldn’t miss it :))

Nice effect ! And how do you disable the user’s mouse ?
Opera asks permission though, but Firefox seems to do it automatically.

Thank you! It’s just the standard pointer lock API, nothing special going on there. I think it’s normal that these kinda APIs behave differently on different browsers as they are implemented differently.

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OK, thanks for this info, I didn’t know about this API