Nocturnal (selective bloom)

Hi, community!

Recently I was asked of how to substitute spheres with rounded boxes in this example.

Trying to create a simple example, I came up with this scene.
I rejected the idea of using two separated meshes for glowing and non-glowing objects and used the approach with a single material for glowing and non-glowing parts of boxes.

The result is here:

The scene consists of two components: instances of boxes (THREE.InstancedBufferGeometry()) and a cylinder (night city and the writing above it).
The hardest part was creating of the cityscape/skyline.

PS On mobile devices, that soundcloud widget offers to listen a track on Soundcloud first, but in 30 seconds it shows “listen in browser” link, clicking it allows to use widget’s “Play” button.


Beautiful as always, Paul!


@Usnul Thanks, Alex :beers:

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Really great work !!!

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@sanprieto Thanks! :smile: :beers:

Awesome experience :sparkling_heart:


@DolphinIQ Thank you, Peter :beers:

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Reminds me of my pillars project from a while ago Bokeh & Unreal Bloom Website header or something, except your example seems to be way smoother. I wonder if its the bokeh pass difference or something else :thinking:
Will study it when I have some time :face_with_monocle:
Thanks, Paul, lovely example!

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How did you get such smooth glows without aliasing? I’m testing the Unreal Bloom pass but it seems to turn off the default aliasing that I normally get with renderer.antialias = true:

To be honest, I don’t do something special. We discussed about it with @looeee in this topic: Create pulse animation and beating heart .
You can notice the same effect of jagged lines on the spider web in the scene of Totentanz (Selective Bloom)

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@marquizzo renderer.antialias does not apply when you render to the texture. which is what all of post-processing passes do.