Ozwomp is Online - Mini Art Game/Fantasy MMO

Just dropping by to share my game Ozwomp is Online - created with Three.js and my own wrapper script called MelonEngine which makes Three a bit more like a game engine. Many thanks to doob and others who have contributed to Three to make this possible!


Blurb: You have reached a 3D social network from another reality - meet opinionated locals, explore with your friends - find decaying data in the fragments of space! The sometimes online sometimes offline world is the perfect getway location!

This game works in most browsers and supports mobile!


That is somehow too captivating.

Some of the creatures (players or NPC?) spin frantically from time to time. Is it on purpose? If this is a bug, do not fix it.

Glad you like it!
Also the spinning was totally a bug at first - I wanted them to turn 90deg, but apparently thats not how quaternion values work so they just went nuts :sweat_smile: - Don’t worry its a mainstay from now on - its one of my favourite emergent features!

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