ThreeMineSweeper – An Experimental 3D minesweeper game made with Three.js


Hello there. I’ve created a 3d minesweeper game with several geometries to play with, from fractals to common ones. You can check it here It’s fully open-source and made entirely with Three.js. I would like to invite any suggestions or feedback.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gameplay video


Cool idea and nicely done!

Short feedback:
I would use OrbitControls to move around the cube. I didnt really get how to maneuver currently.

Also the colors are pretty 90s style. Id go with something more modern


Hi, thanks!

I’m indeed using OrbitcControls (ThreeMineSweeper/viewer.js at 0e214e1951b4afa7ce81a1ad600bd4183364ee27 · ppizarror/ThreeMineSweeper · GitHub), but I modified some params as I have to move around the map to click the faces. Thus I needed a mixture between flight, orbit, and trackball.

Regarding the textures, I’ll look for other textures and add them as game settings (like classic/modern).

Hold the command key (ctrl on windows) while clicking and dragging. That will spin the cube instead of just looking around.