Slime Engine - Online exhibition of 100 artists' works with three.js

Hi Community!
We are the artist group Slime Engine, we love the excellent rendering effect of three.js, so we’d like to share our website with it.

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Recently, we have invited 100 artists and used three.js to set their works in our new exhibition named Ocean 2.0. You can experience the interesting interaction with the works in this project. This exhibition is an exploration of frontiers, networks, borders, spaces, and more through web interaction between viewers and the art works.

We had made the first version of Ocean in 2019 through the Unreal Engine 4. However, considering that we it needs to download the game and the high computer performance, this project we decided to let the experience more easily, friendly, so we developed this project with three.js. The works include photography, painting, interactive installations, sculpture, sound and other forms. You can also see the viewers’ comments on the artwork’s website through the bullet screen, and the VR mode in website can increase the sense of presence.

BTW, there are amount of previous projects and exhibitions inside the Slime engine website, you can always experience them anytime. We hope you can enjoy them, and welcome suggestions, have fun! :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:

Here is Ocean 2.0


In Chrome it is OK

2021-10-12 10.51.49

but in Firefox I have an error in the display.

2021-10-12 10.51.28


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Oh, thank you for your reply,we will fix it as soon as possible!

nice. 非常棒!

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