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Hi everyone!

engine: GitHub - voxelize/voxelize: 🍄 A well-optimized, highly extensible full-stack library to create immersive multiplayer voxel experiences.

I’ve been working on my own Voxel engine in Rust + ThreeJS for the past few years, and I am finally confident that it is production ready. Voxelize is a 3D voxel engine that focuses on performance and extensibility. With Voxelize, you can create your own multiplayer voxel game in less than 100 lines of code (both server / client). The engine itself also has a wide variety of features, such as entities, multi-stage procedural world generation (similar to Minecraft), dynamic block meshing, and full stack physics engines that sync up nicely.

I just renewed my personal website using Voxelize. It runs smoothly in the browser and you can build anything you want in the “Builder’s Wonderland” world. Have fun!!!

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This is incredible.

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Thank you @manthrax !!