Multiplayer Voxel Parkour Game (three.js + rust)

Hey everyone!

My friend and I are happy to announce the release of our new multiplayer voxel parkour game, Voxelize Realms.

The game comes with a real-time leaderboard, a checkpoint system, and fully-synced user model animations!

You can play the game now at
Feel free to invite your friends, you might find yourself competing for first place!

You can even view it on mobile!

Have fun!


Great project.
Just curious: how and why did you use Rust in this project?

Nice work! A few notes as I am learning how to play this:

  1. Could you put directions for how to move? It took me a while to figure out it was W/S + mouse motion.
  2. /restart didn’t work for me the times I’ve tried it. Somehow I’ve glitched few times and was frozen mid-air.
  3. It’s not obvious how to actually start the game. Maybe an arrow or sign just to get people going in the right direction? (I’m actually still trying to figure this out)

Sorry if these sound harsh! :upside_down_face: If you want to return the favor, I just put out a game and would love to hear what you think: Retro-futuristic tank game - SYNTH*BLAST

I tried to use TypeScript for the server side, but generating a mass amount of chunks and trying to do multithreaded was just too hard, so I decided to switch to Rust :smiley:

Rapid, looking forward to seeing developments on this

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The link did not work for me is there an alternative link?

We’re working on a new game with the Voxelize engine, so meanwhile to save budget we decided to shut down this demo :laughing:

The engine can be found here: GitHub - voxelize/voxelize: A well-optimized, highly extensible full-stack library to create immersive multiplayer voxel experiences.