Retro-futuristic tank game - SYNTH*BLAST

Hey Three.JS peeps! I made a game inspired by the 1990’s Mac game Spectre + all the Synth Wave music that’s everywhere now.

Check it out here:

The game is open source and the source code + all assets are here on Github:

What do you think? Do you find this game fun or cool? Any ideas that would make it more fun?

A way to help is to give it a star on Github. This will help get more people to the code so future improvements can come out faster.

Let me know what you think!

(Huge fan of Three.JS)


Hey, does anyone know how to make it so the posts show a github link like this?

Cool project, gave it a star.

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Love the transition effect on the level changes!

I played from smartphone and found it fun, but I would suggest to have some background music because after a while it becomes monotonous. However I like the idea and I think you did great.

Thanks, Mohamed! I appreciate the comments you left in the other conversation thread. I’ve always loved the pyramids; it would be a dream come true to visit them some day

Thanks, sjeffff! Any ideas for different levels?

excellent work, luv it

Awesome, thank you Umbawa!

good brawo

Thank you, Sagir! I’d love it if you gave the repository a star – I’m trying to get to the “bronze” level of 128 stars

need to add joystick , for good control .

Pretty cool

I think the tank needs more weight. :slight_smile:

Do you mean, like it skids on turns and when you stop accelerating it coasts for a bit?