Panzerkampf - Tank shooter

Hey guys,
for the past few months i have been working on a small tank shooter browsergame, check its quite early state at

I wanted to build it really lightweight, which is why i choose threejs, even though the assets are still 20MB in total (textures, sounds, models), the game itself is really small. This game has existed in a similar form but with completely different controls as an ipad version in 2012 that was never released, and i decided to make use of the assets and make a small browser game.

Still missing a lot of things, i’d also like to introduce multiplayer at some point. Consider it very alpha right now :wink:


Getting a 404:
Loading failed for the <script> with source “”.

Sorry, update gone wrong. Fixed now :slight_smile:


We can work on multiplayer…i have some ideas
well still busy some days… tbh i like this game already!!!:wink: