Tank driving experiment

Been playing around with Three for a couple of months to see if I could cook up a multiplayer type of thing for decently powerful android phones. Now I got it to work as a rather unstable but usually operational thing on heroku.

If you are brave you can try it yourself at twinkio.com :slight_smile:

To get this reasonably performant on my own android I have had too cook up a custom particle system which is used for both feedback effects and vegetation.


Mind if I could see the source code? This is awesome! Super work! (I’ve always been interested in tank games in the browser).

Thanks for all of your Contributions,

Feel welcome to it. Beware tho as it will surely cause confusion and headaches in places. If there are any particular details you find more interesting than others I can possibly provide some assistance with digging them out. :slight_smile:

source is at: https://github.com/Oskasb/webwar

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Thanks! I had to add this sentence to make my gratitude long enough to be expressed!