Online Serious Game SIM4NEXUS about the nexus of Water, Energy, Land, Food and Climate

The SIM4NEXUS Serious Game enables players to implement policies in a gameplay environment and explore how policies impact on different areas of the Nexus i.e. the interactions between Water, Energy, Land, Food and Climate.
Summary information is given about policy actions, assigned costs and potential benefits; this facilitates scorekeeping according to both financial and social capital metrics.
Costs are tallied against benefits, which are revealed as gameplay progresses. This allows a player to measure progress and compare to others.
It is built upon system dynamics models with a sound scientific basis.
The Serious Game
• Includes • a strategy map that facilitates comparison of policy impacts in different regions,
• a virtual card table in which policy cards can be applied through a drag-and-drop interface, and
• a visualization system that shows the impacts of users’ decisions on the model.
Go here to play the SIM4NEXUS Serious Game; the game is optimized to work on the Chrome web browser, and is also able to perform on Firefox.

Programmed using the css3d renderer with an isometric camera. Many visualization modules scroll in an out of sight whenever you need them. Made for a computer, so no touch screen and small screen design.
Pan using mouse right click + drag, ans zoom using mouse wheel. Otherwise use arrows and Z X on keyboard.
Once you go to the main page, click on: play as guest, then click on a country e.g. greece.
Then click on the “easy play” button … skip the questionnaire, and you are in the game !
A strategy game with a system dynamic model of more than 11 000 interactive variables…

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didn’t work well for me at all, glitchy and buggy. Couldn’t properly interact with anything.

It does kind of look nice though.

For reference, my system:
Win10 x64,
Chrome 85
16Gb ram
nvidia 1080

Not sure what the problem was. Can you be more specific ?
If it’s about interaction, you need a mouse normally do do right click to pan, and mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Drag and drop cards using left click.
If you don’t have a mouse , but only a touchpad , then arrow keys to pan and Z and X to zoom in/out…
Does that help?

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For me performance was okay, but the tilt/skew is really confusing me. It makes it harder to read things and play the game.
Also it kind of seems like it requires you to read a wall of text before starting or you wont understand whats this all about. I’d love a more immersive tutorial

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When I try to scroll the contents of the screen briefly flicker and nothing changes, that’s for scrolling both ways. I didn’t go beyond that, because I could only see an edge of what I presume is the game UI.

I observed a similar problem once with somebody who had a defective mouse. One suggestion would be to try unplugging your mouse and use keys or touchpad.