THREEjs and CesiumJS are NOW Interactive!

Ru3esium is now a proud publisher of an Open-Source project called Ru3esium.
I now have THREEjs and CesiumJS talking to each other. This is a working example!

Ru3esium is an interactive 4D Transactional Reporting System based upon location, time and data.
Utilize CesiumJS (similar to Google Earth) to show location and handle time on a globe.
Utilize THREEjs to summarize and display details of your data over the entire time period.

Location: We are dealing with every legal address worldwide; so your data is sorted by: Countries, States and zip codes.

When you click an item in THREEjs; the system will make changes to CesiumJS and vice-versa;
Click a CesiumJS item; the THREEjs screen will change.

Basic Instructions:
Bottom right of globe is the “Full Screen” button. This system is best viewed in this mode!
Click on the ? for instruction on mouse controls
Transactions will appear on the globe (blue balloon) based upon the date and time.
Clicking on a label will zoom to that chart.
Clicking on a transaction (blue balloon) will zoom to that chart and highlight the transaction details.
Clicking on the little camera in the top left corner of the transaction details box; will zoom to the address.

The Chart Area:
Clicking on a chart will zoom the globe.
Clicking on a transaction (small box) will zoom the globe and display the transaction details.
Left click + drag = rotate
Right click + drag = left, right, up, down
Scroll wheel = zoom in/out

You can find the source and instructions on GitHub:

Here is a live demo……

This project will drastically improve the quality of “Data Presentation” by bringing together the best of both 3D worlds used in today’s technology.

There are 1,000’s of things you can do with this; I can do only a few dozen. So I invite the world to take this software and do anything you want with; specially make some money and succeed!


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