Planet Equilibrium

This project was created as a game simulation for a speculative design project. It consists of a planet with several continents and different species. When visitors toggle slider to view the planet in different level, they can also experience weather / natural selection events.During weather events, some of the animals will change into higher saturated colors, whereas natural events will eliminate some of the animals. Clicking the volcano will open the analytics of consumption history. In the highest level, visitors can toggle continents on the planet to set their positions. For the projects’ installation, using a custom-made device can scan NFC tags in the installation to trigger weather events on the website(see in installation video). Species and continents were created in Blender.

Design project description:

As more and more people become interested in sustainable products, it is possible that in the future, portions of green products will increase in the market. However, the purchase pattern does not appear to change, due to people’s consumption habits and profit-driven business models.

Sustainable consumption should be a continuous behavior because the definition of sustainable products is fluid and there’s no ‘greener’ product as ultimately is the added impact of individuals’ decision making that affects environment. If environmentally-concerned people still continue their purchase pattern in the future, even if more products are sustainable, exploitation on resources and ecology and emission by consumption will still persist.

This design aims to provide a shopping device for people interested in sustainable products to better conduct green consumptions within a possible future when more people and business are interested in sustainability. The device encourages sustainable purchases by gamification. It also depicts an alternative future shopping context and showcases how the device functions in the context.

Installation video:
Game simulation video:

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Interesting project. Did you actually build the device?

The installation video is a fun one, but the text appearing in seemingly random spots of the screen makes it hard to follow.

Are there any plans to take this project further? Or is it a completed school assignment?

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