Project Gaia — Voxel world nature simulation

Here’s a project I wanted to submit for the frontpage:

Live demo, Source

Project Gaia is a calm simulation of nature reclaiming the wasteland that humanity left behind.

All the world simulation runs in shaders on the GPU so this is basically a stress test for the graphics card (especially World 5, which is at 120×120×80 voxels). You can also press t or h to display temperature or humidity simulation that is running in the background. I hope you enjoy it!


not bad. any thoughts on where you might take it from there?

It was a jam game, started for Global Game Jam and finished over the next two weeks, so I’m kind of done with it as it was supposed to be a 48h thing and grew into a small side project. Anneke who did all voxel art might do some more environments, but the game mechanics we had planned probably won’t make it in, at least not now. I have to return to my main project, Pixel Art Academy, an adventure game where I’m also starting to use three.js more (I’m trying to turn it from a text adventure into a point-and-click adventure). I’m working on a tool for drawing pixel art that gets automatically converted into 3D for dynamic shading etc. You can check it out here.

Beatiful masterpiece, definitely deserves place in the hall of fame of Three.js

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