Oculus Quest 2 & Quest Pro Avatar SDK and enhanced support

thank you for all the hard work. I would like to know if there is any plan to include support for some of the Quest (2, pro) features like, avatars SDK (not sure if there is any support for WebXR yet), passthrough api, eye tracking, etc. Thank you

avatars SDK

The Meta avatars are GLB files, and three.js can load those. If Meta builds a three.js or WebXR Avatars SDK that’d be awesome, but I don’t think we (three.js) will be building a clone of the Unity SDK or anything like that. Otherwise there are things like THREE.IK.

passthrough api…

Supported already, you just need to launch an “immersive-ar” WebXR session.

eye tracking

I’m not sure if the WebXR standard supports this currently, would have to check spec documents…

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thank you so much for your response. Hopefully soon there will be support for eye tracking.