Can i see three.js webpages with meta quest2

can i see three.js webpages with meta quest2. i understand i can download games made with unity for the meta quest to the device . but can it be used to browse three.js webpages ?Can there be an internet browser installed on it ?Can i somehow connect it to my apache server on my pc ? Or just the regular internet ?

I don’t have answers to all questions, but I have tried Oculus Quest 2 (now called Meta Quest 2) and it works fine with Three.js VR staff. You may experience some performance issues with heavy graphics; for example, my laptop handles dynamic shadows much better that the headset.

I also have a few lectures with examples on this topic (not in English, though).

I’m using this approach: I upload the code online and use the browser in Oculus to access it. The connection is wireless.

I have never tried to connect the headset to load data from a local machine, but if this machine exposes the pages via some URL, then it should be possible to view it via the headset.

There is some way to connect the headset with a computer, but I have use this only to cast video (i.e. the Oculus screen is mirrored on the computer screen).