WebXR, AR mode Can't display hands (OculusHandModel) on Quest 3

I 'm trying some stuff with the Quest 3, all works nicely but I wanted to run the hand input example (three.js vr - handinput - press button) in AR mode (with the passthrough) and it seems I can only run it in VR mode. When I try with the ARButton it works but not the hand models.
Any idea? (I tried to run VR mode with transparent background but it doesn’t activate the passthroug)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do any of these work for you? Ng3ArExamples

They work yes, and all the other THREEJS Webxr example.
But what I want is to show the hand mesh in AR.

Typically, bring this demo in AR (with the passthrough on quest) : three.js vr - handinput - press button

Ok it works perfectly in fact using XR Button :slight_smile:

So cool to be able to enjoy XR on the Quest 3 browser without tweeking flags or other previous hack (to record passthrough too was a pain a before)