None of the VR/AR (WebXR) examples work in Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest only supports the older WebVR (not WebXR). Shouldn’t the WebXR polyfill be included?

Shouldn’t Three.js demos be tested and operational on major headsets like Oculus Quest?

Hey @trusktr !

I think the Quest 1 does support the webXR api…
I went through the immersive demos again and everything works fine for me ( I’m on Quest 1 ). You may have missed browser updates ? Which demo don’t work for you ?

I can also confirm that WebXR is supported by latest Oculus Browser on Quest 1 and 2.

I’m sure Oculus Boswer support WebXR in Oculus Quest 1.
but Chrome in PC does not support Oculus Quest. U can use firefox to test WebXR on PC with Oculus Link

I suppose mine is not up-to-date. It did not mention any updates; guessing I need to manually check.

Got an Oculus Quest 2.

WebXR work perfectly (check and threejs examples, which work perfecly). Please double check threejs version ?

Note: on quest 2 you can install firefox reality, i’m using both for testing.

AR won’t work. OQ2 failed. It’s not an AR device (officially).