VR examples appear not supported


Following the How to create VR content article from the three.js documentation. The VR appears “not supported” on my pc VR compliant… (Firefox & Chrome). A-frame is working properly on firefox.


Examples at the bottom of this article do not work also. The VR come up as “VR not supported”

VR is still working with three.js or we need to go to A-frame now ?

Of course it does. The problem is that Firefox does not yet support WebXR. The older WebVR standard is not supported by the three.js anymore.

What version of Chrome are you using? Besides, how does your VR setup look like? Notice that certain headsets like HTC Vive do not yet work with WebXR since the underlying VR runtimes do not yet support OpenXR. However, this will change in the future e.g.:


I’m using a PC with the HTC vive pro with steamVR.
Chrome : 84.0.4147.105 official build 64 bits

Is there a road map for the feature ? about the support of the Htc Vive pro ?

Do you think I can continue the project with the SteamVR Beta Update ?

I’m not using SteamVR right now so I can provide any recommendations in that regard, sorry.

Maybe somebody else of the community can answer in this thread.


that’s working!!! :slight_smile:

there is how I made it!!!

1 - go to this website and see if it’s working for you :

2 - go to GitHub :

take a look of the import

3 - go to the WebXR polyfill :

follow instructions and that’s working… :slight_smile:

Thank you

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Well yeah, a polyfill is of course always an option^^.

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Hi @Mugen87 ,
Just I got same situation.
I tried to open WebXR example(e.g. three.js examples) with chrome in the Oculus Rift.
But I can see ‘VR NOT SUPPORTED’.
Can you tell me the full list of VR devices and web browsers what can support the WebXR(threejs)?