Oculus Quest and XR content over Link


Is it possible to use Oculus Quest with current version of Chrome, or other desktop browser and see xr content (for example threejs examples :slight_smile: )? I can use it with Oculus Browser and in that case everything is working fine. I have tried over Link and Virtual Desktop (app from store), and in that case I got ‘Enter VR’ as text on button, but after that
Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The specified session configuration is not supported.
Any idea?

The mentioned app might not fully support WebXR, yet. If you encounter such runtime errors, I suggest you report a bug at the respective app developer.

Hi Mugen, thanks for response. I have also contacted Oculus Development support.
I have done some testing and if you use Oculus Link with firefox you can run examples from

but that’s possible only because they use polyfill, and the current version of firefox doesn’t support webxr. Current version of Chrome won’t work with these examples, but they said that webvr is deprecated and they will use webxr api.

I can confirm Chrome currently doesn’t support this.

I got response from Oculus development support where they said to me that this specific feature is not implemented yet :slight_smile:
Sorry if I am going a little offtopic, but what headset would you recommend for webxr development?

I love my Oculus Quest :innocent: (and I’m saying this without getting paid by Facebook^^).


Actually, it needs an additional flag. Disabling #xr-sandbox makes it work.


Thank you mrdoob, that do the trick. It works now from Link :slight_smile:


Since I had a difficult time to get this running I want to share my experience (this is with chrome Version 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)). Apparently this now works when using Chrome with the default settings and special other flags. But it is important to disable the WebXR emulator, otherwise the emulator will run in your Oculus. It also seems to be required to press “enter xr” when the user is wearing the headset. I tested this with the standard cube demo: three.js vr - cubes and some other of my more computationally expensive demos and it seems to run nicely and efficient.

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