Broken WebXR in latest Chrome update?

@mrdoob : last time after updating SteamVR, had to enable Flags to make WEBXR work.
now after updating to google Chrome Version 83.0.4103.97 The following happened:
inside chrome://flags --> instead of many options (see old flags attached) there are only 2 XR flags left (see new flags attached)

I am set up with latest steam VR with HTC vive.
cannot get ENTER VR to show up in

Also filed a bug report with Chromium
as instructed by @Mugen87 on my last post about web XR
which was solved.

this is a huge issue right now and super weird… I am having someone try on “non updated” Oculus quest browser and they are able to enter VR in our app.

but i am afraid latest chrome build has broken three.js WebXR ? :man_shrugging:

Thank you for taking a good look at this.

I don’t think this is true. Your filed bug is actually a duplicate of:

which is still open.

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I meant “solved” my initial post enabling flags to enable not a bug report. I had not filed one.
But thanks will take a look when back.

Thanks again on this. Definitely same issue.
Hoping It did not break latest Quest browser as well :roll_eyes:

The Quest is not going to break.
Steam + Chrome is a much more fragile combination.

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Guys we have a problem, getting some attention, but still :roll_eyes:

I don’t think we can do something in this forum. It’s best to continue the discussion at the Chromium bug tracker or open issues/upvote existing issues at the Oculus/Valve community requesting for OpenXR support.

Thank you! Keeping on top of it. Will post when resolved.
Thanks again for awesome moderation and guidance on best practices.
I am still a bit new at the whole thing :sweat_smile:

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Good news!

This will add a layer of robustness. As long as Valve talks to the OpenXR layer correctly, they will be able to change things and Chrome won’t break.


Good news :tada:!

Almost there @mrdoob ?

@Jay_E @mrdoob WebXR finally landed in steamvr beta and the examples are working again :smiley:


Yay!! Going to QA and test! :crossed_fingers:

Wow. Cannot believe this has been 23 days since the last post.

So it seems there is still an issue. I am currently on windows 10, Using Steam Vr 1.12.5 , HTC VIVE

tried forceruntime as default as well as OpenXR while toggling webXRincubation flag enabled/default.
I was able to replicate our app issue inside three.js

@mrdoob: are we missing an update on the library side? I hope the attached screenshot and Console Log help.

We would love to enable the to be experience with headsets as well :sweat_smile:

Maybe try Chrome Canary.
The current version 86 seams to work better with SteamVR.
Even without setting any flags.

Try it with the latest Steam VR Beta.