WEBXR NOT DETECTED? (steam VR update?)

Hey guys, been smooth sailing on webXR in our (spoiler alert!!) soon to be launched ozoneuniverse…

then just like 30mins ago, I had to run a steam VR update and browser now says: device not recognized both in our app and in three.js exemples (used as benchmark)

Any ideas? just reinstalled latest chrome in case. no resolve. could steam have changed something on their side we need to recognize it? @mrdoob @donmccurdy @looeee : could you see if you can replicate set up + anyone running other than htc vive / steamVR can confirm if they have same issue.

looks like mozilla hubs, three.js and ozoneuniverse are not recognizing the web XR ?
we are wondering if some part of the three.js complements we use that does not work anymore with SteamVR?

guys, solved… but please note. for some weird reason, had to go into flags and FORCE RUNTIME

Probably must be done by device? only thing that changed from yesterday and this morning was SteamVR update.

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Hey all. A couple of new updates on this…
Definitely seems flags need to be activated… not sure what happened @mrdoob ? It was all working fine…
seems most have not yet migrated to webXR yet so they seem to be loosing the browser supports now :frowning:
In our case here in three, something happened. And definitely something is going on with browsers… I think browsers need to auto detect, provide guidance and support to the users with flags. @toji

Meanwhile not sure if we could sprinkle some magic dust in our library and start checking devices and offering popup flags turn on for users based on device. I am sure it’s a bunch of work, but it may be a good function to help users experience three.js web XR–> especially on quest. (at least on chrome browsers)

The Good news: we are checking off on quest and seems we can run nice apps already.

It’s only gonna get better.

FYI: If you think there are issue with a specific WebXR runtime and Chromium, I suggest you file an issue here: