Need source code to migrate a talented developer to Three.js

I have a very special request, but first let me tell you about my situation.

Being really busy, I depend on Freelancers and discovered the whole Javascript ecosystem recently.

Promptly became the proverbial child in a toy store:

  • “I want this!”
  • “I want that!”
  • “and the other, too!”

Predictably, I ended up with applications that are similar and should use interchangeable code. Hey, after all, deep down all this is Javascript, right? Not exactly.

I simply want to port a “before/after” slide control, developed in jQuery to my new and only standard: Three.js. The programmer accepts the job, only to tell me that it is better to port the whole application, seen here:

to Three.js and gives me a reasonable price. I could not be happier.

Except that she does not know Three.js that well. BUT, she is willing to learn and I will give her all support possible: I am not in a hurry, plenty of source code, etc.

Where can I get some tutorial source code for somebody with this background?

Notice: As you can see in the URL above, the app that she is rewriting is not 3D. My other Javascript apps are.


-Ramon F. Herrera
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Check out this post, there are lots of resources for getting started with three.js there

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Does that mean that I can donate my code? By definition, all my production becomes part of the public domain. It is mostly 3D models, so far:

But I am working on web based applications. This is the main one:

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Sure. However the bookshelf thread is for articles, books, videos, and external libraries like physics. Not to mention it’s already rather long. Probably best to share your code as a separate post.

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My response was blocked.

The issue of FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE is very much ON TOPIC.

Your living is based on the work done before you.

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