Three.js developer needed freelance

Hello, i’m a designer and this is my website:
I did it with wordpress and a plugin that allows to put custom code in some sections.
I want to redesign it using a black skin and i would to put something like this (Day 62 - Daily CSS Design) as a header.
So i need a developer to code this header and who can help me to put it on my wordpress website or also a developer who could code a new full custom website for me.
This is a payed job and i’m also looking for a possible long therm collaboration because sometimes clients ask me for website design and code but i’m just able to do the first thing :wink:
If you are interested please answer this post and i’ll get in touch with you soon!

Bro you at the threejs site. You got to think bigger and go all out. What you want is like nothing to the folks here(I think). Like CSS/Wordpress is a joke compared to WebGL and Threejs.

Also that website you linked, the blobs of whatever do like nothing. Are they supposed to do something or just sit there. The website you linked is just a glorified powerpoint slide and nothing more. Ideally you would make something like that in React since the slides are just giant states.

You are very much underestimating threejs. It’s like a CGI software, think your After Effects vs movie level CGI with 3D modeling.

So create an Experience. To give you an example, I created this mini scene for you in like 15 mins. Just a bunch of trees and goblet with a golden light in it and that spooky mist. Create an entire 3D virtual tour.

After you open the page, the camera will follow the path and goto the goblet, where it will go through the wall but say you wanted it to stop and the light needs to rise and a door opens up and then you enter another room. You can give the viewer the control(like an fps game) or keep the camera moving.

Enter the room and have anything happen. Remember it’s all code and we can change whatever we want. That tiny scene has no backwall or anything cause you only see what we want you to. In that room, you can hang pictures like an art gallery for your websites or have a rocket ship crash through the walls and take you on a space journey through the cosmos.

Let your imagination go WILD. This is threeJS, there are no rules here.

there 3 files in there. Open the index.html and see the scene in play.

He is in the JOB category. If he’s ready to pay for his vision of how the things should be done, so why not?

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@Cerebes did you actually try running your scene in the way you suggest? It doesn’t work, there are cross origin errors.

Anyway, the link @giacomodonati posted is exactly the kind of thing you would want a three.js developer for.

@giacomodonati, thanks for sharing your job here, and best of luck finding somebody.


Hi Cerebes, thank you very much for your response.
Of course i know that threejs is huge and the thing i need is just nothing compared to what this library does.
Unfortunately i have just few knowledges of html+css and nothing else because i’m a designer and usually i design website in sketch and then i hire a developer for the code.
Actually i want a slide like the one with the blobs (standing, just reacting at the mouse position) isntead of the white header of my website. For now i just need this but i’m also looking for a freelance developer for a long therm collaboration on some website projects (simple like html+css or more complex).
Btw i open your index.html and i see the black screen and nothing happens (i tried on safari and chrome).
Can you help me? have you got some examples of website you made?
thanks a lot!

thanks guys, i forgot to say that the guy who did the blob slide said he used webgl + three.js.
If someone is interested in this work + long therm collaboration as a web developer please send me a mail with some examples of your works here:

I can design websites with sketch and i use avocode or zeplin to send resources and css rules to developers :wink:

Moreover, my console log says that he used r89dev of Three.js.
Blobs look really cool.

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yes i tried to inspect the code but i’m not so skilled and of course i prefer to hire someone instead to grab some code haha. btw if you click previous or next you can see some cool stuff :wink:

I dont get why the errors would show up. It seemed fine on mine, ran it from a local directory. Tested on Firefox and Edge.

And yeah ofcourse he gets what he wants since he is paying. I did give the exact answer on how to make it before I went on my tangent.

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The scene runs as expected for me (Win 7 + FF).
But from my point of view, those four blobs are more complex under the hood, than the scene awhole :slight_smile:

Windows 7? :scream:

Yeah, it works on FF. However, I would say that since Chrome has around 60% of global market share to FF at around 6%, you should probably test on Chrome before sharing your work.

Let me know if you can’t find someone. I’ll be down to do it.

I did start off as learning Web Development and was gonna do just that but then I saw 3D stuff and the wild ride began, just focused on learning CGI/VFX Tools/Machine Learning.

I never focused on design, the sites I made for a portfolio were hella enterprise oriented, but the new one will be 3D, ThreeJs, Blender, ZBrush, Houdini.

Anyway these are the sites I made in React. I have no idea how to use wordpress. I code from scratch. Btw all these websites are also apps, like save them to homescreen and they turn into apps.

It’s a trivia App

It’s a movie database app hooked up to TMDB…basically an IMDB clone.

It’s a flashcard website with login and all. You will like this design wise.

I havent updated any of these in like 4-5 months, surprisingly they still work.

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Damn, you’ve made me laugh out loud with that question :smile:
Yeah, Win 7 is enough for my work :slight_smile: And I use FF as a default browser simply by the force of habit :blush: My job is far from the world of 3D. But, when I do or create something with WebGL, I use Chrome, of course :slight_smile:.
Just checked the scene with Chrome: yes, it casts a CORS error.


thanks @Cerebes!
can you send me a mail to ?
so i will send you what i need and you can send me a quote :wink: