[PAID][REMOTE] Project to setup a pipeline to go from Unity to Threejs

Hi there, we are looking for a ThreeJS developer, to help us setup our Unity to ThreeJS pipeline.
This needs to be done in JavaScript (Not TypeScript) and requires porting custom shaders to match 1:1 to our custom “unlit/custom lighting” shaders with reflections from reflection probes and support all devices. Experience with multiple AA and DOF options will be a plus.

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How reliable is this exporter? Does it setup all necessary event handlers and glsl shaders?

I don’t think it has been released yet. I also didn’t see any info on pricing - last time I saw a Unity → three.js exporter on the Unity store it was $$$$ :exploding_head: so hopefully this one will be more reasonable.

Looking through the twitter posts I think this was exported using the tool:

You could also try reaching to people on Twitter to see whether it’ll have what you need and when it will be released.

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@looeee Yes I remember seeing a really pricey unity “exporter” to THREE.JS years ago, it cost around £250 and was catastrophic from the reviews, apparently just exported the models, no event handlers, no compiled shaders, just models and textures practically.

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Many thanks for the suggestion guys. I did have seen it on Twitter. Nevertheless, we are still looking for someone. :slight_smile:

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