[Paid] Porting Unity Shader to GLSL and running it in Three.js

Looking for a developer who familiar with Unity Shader, Three.js and GLSL.

Porting one of our custom Character’s Shader( just single digit variants, not all “multi_compile” variants ) to Three.js based Model-Viewer.

The Shader itself is a bit complex than Unity’s built-in StandardPBR shader.

This a paid work and we can pay in cryptocurrency.

If you interested in the details, please send email to jobsforthreejs@protonmail.com

Attaching materials that prove you can do the job is a plus.

I have much experiences in threejs , webgl , glsl , gsap , unity shader effect .
I would like to discuss more details directly
I can start immediately.
You can catch me via telegram or discrod
telegram : @dsodineum
discord : ! DS#0631

Thank you

Do you pay in regular currency as well? Or do you only pay in crypto?


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