My Personal Portfolio -- Neon City

I am delighted to share my 3d interactive portfolio made with three.js and blender for modeling. hope you like the portfolio and enjoy the experience I want to deliver.



Too kawaii. Hontou.

I managed to get a view from inside out. Still nice, although I feel it was not supposed to happen.

If you have free time...

… you might fix the bike seats – they do not look quite comfortable. The 「About me」and 「Projects」signs are not always clickable. And finally, I miss the tenji blocks, that are so popular in Japan.

hey, @PavelBoytchev Arigatou for your feedback…I don’t know how you entered the scene because I limit the camera zoom in and camera zoom out and I will work upon your feedback


By panning and rotating.

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I got it thanks for the video I will disable panning. please check now it’s fixed

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How did you manage to get such a good lighting and decent shadows, whilst even keeping correct performances? I’m trying to create my own website with Three and I never got to have a correct lighting. Either light passes through objects, or it glitches. Did you create your own shaders or anything?

He’s probably using shadow maps, that’s what I use for realistic lighting, he also may have done a bloom pass for the neon signs

So something like building the lightmaps with the “The Lightmapper” Blender plugin? Thank you!

I’m not a blender person, but if your planning on learning about lights and shadows, I think a good place to start is at SimonDev’s YouTube channel, he has given good descriptions, and it’s a good place to start…if I find any more info, I’ll put it below.

Here is his shadows video: Three.js Shadows Explained | Tutorial for Beginners! (JavaScript) - YouTube

Thank you very much. I’ve been struggling quite a few days I think now with lighting in Three and never got a satisfying result. I’m going to watch this and come back if I have any questions

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how could you manage perfect lightnings.

Hello. @Ayan_Khan
Good job.
I would like to know your experience in creating this. What is the most difficult in creating this app?