Personal Portfolio. An Immersive Infinite Scroll Experience

Hi everyone, I thought I should share my portfolio website with everyone. This is a scroll experience that takes users through a room that represents my work and many things about me.
It is filled with many details throughout. I created the room in blender and also used texture baking to give it a high-quality look.

I also added it on awwwards and managed to get a Honorable Mention award.

Here’s the link

Here’s the awwwards page: link

Check it out. I would love to hear your opinions about it. I hope it gets accepted to show on the three js showcase page.

Thank you!


It looks nice. How long did it take to make it?

(There are some minor glitches, but most people will never see them)

Thank you, it took around a month of on and off work to build.

Could you point out those glitches? I’ll try to fix them

Sure, here are some of them (as I said earlier, normal people will not notice them):

  1. Wire goes through the book
  2. The shadow in the edge to the left is strange (strong in the corner, then disappears)
  3. Broken shadow of cable
  4. Strong laptop’s shadow on the wall, but Newton’s cradle balls make no shadow at all
  5. Table reflects something that is not existing in the room
  6. The vertical strong shadow suddenly stops instead of going all the way down
  7. Strange or missing shadows
  8. A dark violet line to the right of the clock (not visible from other locations)
  9. The trash bin has no bottom
  10. The position of the sun reflection in the water does not correspond to its position in the sky
  11. Time on the screen does not change like the time on the clock on the wall
  12. Shadings of keys are different ([Shift] has a line, [+] has top-left shading, [Enter] has no shading, [ | ] has top-right shading
  13. A thin thread looks like dashed line

Thank you very much @PavelBoytchev for pointing out these glitches.
All of the shadow ones are pretty much due to the fact that light baking is done on some areas only and not on other ones. Light baking only exists on walls, ground, sofa, and the computer table. If I did light baking on all of the objects, the model size would become huge as compared to the current one which is around 4 MB for all the geometry+textures+animations.

I will try to fix as many of them as possible while making sure that I don’t have to trade off performance and loading time.

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That is so cool portfolio, excellent job

Thank you!