3d Room as developer portfolio

Hey Guys!

I’ve started to do three.js and as a first project I decided to do a small portfolio.
The Idea is that everything about me is kind of visualized in a 3d room.
I think the result is not too bad, what do you guys think?

Alexander Ehrenhöfer Web Portfolio


Looks great, well done!

I think it would look better with antialiasing turned on - do you have it turned off intentionally?

Looks like you have some shadow acne on the walls - the dark swirly patterns. You should be able to fix that by adjusting the shadow bias.


Hey looeee,

Thanks for your message.
Actually I activated antialiasing, but there is no effect. I have to check whats going wrong there.
Thanks so much for the trick with the shadow bias! I didn’t knew that before!

Best Regards

Are you using postprocessing? That disables the built-in AA and you have to add it as a post-processing pass.

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Yeah I’m using a lot of postprocessing, but just kept using the build-int AA. Thanks for that trick too! :smiley:

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