Learning three.js and made a portfolio.


In the past year I’ve been learning a lot about 3D including three.js.
I had the idea to build my portfolio website around my current working/gaming setup.

My personal project can be viewed here : https://zacharyvds.be/

If anyone has any tips or tricks to make my site better feel free to provide these.

Thanks for sharing your personal work. It looks nice!

As you asked for suggestions, here are a few:

  • Camera rotation is restricted, this is OK, but maybe you forgot to disable camera panning.

  • Some of the texts are too small to read

  • The style of the [Back] button is inconsistent with the rest of the site

  • Usually product placement is considered as advertising. The Dolce Gusto Cappuccino boxes have images and texts not only on the front face but on other faces too (at least the versions sold in my country). The boxes in the site have plain color sides.

  • The floor tiles (and other thin details) might need some antialiasing:

  • Someone cut the cord of your mouse (yes, I know normal users will not see this)

  • When switching between [Home] and [About me] there are some strange objects flying up or down (they move fast and disappear quickly). For example, I was able to spot two guitars in addition to the guitar in the room:

  • I’m not sure why the backpack bounces non-stop. Is it some interactive object?