3D Retro Portfolio - Interactive

Hey guys, sup

I’ve been working on my 3d portfolio, the idea is get a retro-90’s style game.
Here is: Welcome to the retro tech area
Main web page: https://john-portfolio-eight.vercel.app/

PD: Still I’m working on the textures and the interactions, I wanna get pixel art textures, so it’s a bit time consuming. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool stuff, man!


NAAAAHHHHH!!..that is so cool. People think Bruno Simons is cool, and yours is way better! I would definitely hire you! Did you make most of those models yourself?

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I’m getting some errors that it can’t load the models for some reason so I just see a blank screen

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Some browsers are not compatible with Three Js

What’s the browser you’re using? If you point out some specifications, you might help the developer fix the issue.

I know this sounds strange… but if they have some sort of parental controls/ Third-Party service on their computer, it might not trust the models thus blocking them… I had an issue with that once, but it blocked the whole site…this sounds more specific

Thx <3 , Yeah, I made all the models, but this is only an experiment, I’m working on made new a high detail models.

Really?, What’s browser or device are you using?

I’m wondering….can I have the character controller code….I’m actually working on my own portfolio and I can’t get mine to look as good as yours