Portfolio website using Three.js

I finally finished my portfolio and wanted to share. Any feedback is welcomed! :slight_smile:



This is pretty nice, I like the sine wave loader.

thank you!

Neat Idea. Also your SVG animation is pretty good on OGL Project.

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Very nice!

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Hey that is amazing. what did you use for background animation?

Thanks! The 3D model was made and animated in Blender, and then exported as a GLB.

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It sounds great but could you please let me know what are you using for background animation.

Sorry, I don’t think I understand the question. The background is the three.js scene :upside_down_face:

Ohh okay, I understood.

This is incredible! So smooth. I just started learning three js this year and I feel like a baby stumbling through the woods and finding a shrine to the three js gods! :joy: seriously though something to aspire to.

The rest of the site is great too, only downside is the load times when going back “home” but that’s totally fair considering all the magic happening.