matrix.makeShear() using degrees?

I would like to connect 2 meshes neatly together, bot objects are rotated by some degrees: roofCornerDegrees
Normally it looks like this:

I thougt maybe I could use Matrix4().makeShear(0, 0, 0, (1 / 45) * roofCornerDegrees, 0, 0) to connect the meshes, but the result is a tiny bit off:

Am I missing something?

It seems like you need a construction similar to a frame.

Have a look at Construction of frames with contour/profile. Possibly you can use it.

Had I forgotten, could also be useful?

From the Collection of examples from


Thanks for the answer, I fixed it by moving the vertices with some good old math.

And I recently already bumped into the ProfiledContourGeometry function of yours, it looks great and it will highly likely be a great tool for future me, thanks in advance for sharing that function! <3

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