Library for Texture Projection

I made a library which lets you Texture Projection on arbitrary three.js meshes.

It is kinda like the THREE.Projector that is being discussed in this PR, but it doesn’t act as a light.
Rather it acts as a texture on the object, and it has some math to keep the original image proportions and handle multiple projections.

Hope it might allow someone to do some cool projects!


Hi, that seems interesting. And just a heads up, while every example wors fine for me on chrome, they throw an error on firefox (on ubuntu):

Failed to create WebGL context: failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat: Compositor is not hardware-accelerated. 3 [three.module.js:23457:28](

THREE.WebGLRenderer: Error creating WebGL context with your selected attributes. [three.module.js:23526:11](

Uncaught Error: Error creating WebGL context with your selected attributes.





Hmm, this only happens on ubuntu, I disabled the failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat flag of WebGLRenderer. It shouldn’t break now, but maybe performances will be bad.

Thank you, it now works on firefox ubuntu. (and it runs at 55 fps, so while not perfect, it’s okay)

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Hey, really cool idea! Unfortunately the examples do not work for me. Im running Firefox 84.0.1 on w10

Fluqz Somehow your Firefox doesn’t support WebGL2. I have no idea why, it should come enabled by default.

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This is awesome! By the way, is Charles your dog?

You might want to mention that it won’t work on iOS and OSX Safari, since it requires WebGL2.

@marquizzo fixed! It now supports WebGL1, published a new version.

I was too excited since WebGL2 is coming in next safari release that forgot about the current version :sweat_smile:

Also the issues that @Fluqz had should be fixed.

is Charles your dog?

No, I just got that photo from unsplash :grin: