Projection from point on plane and get texture

Hi everyone,

I want to project an object from a point (like a spotligth with shadow and parametable angle) and get this projection on a plane (like a texture).
Do you think it’s possible?

Code :

Thank !

Like this? three.js webgl - lights - spotlight

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Yes like a spotligth (that I know). But let it only produce black and white on plane material. And second point, that I can get the texture generated on the plane (with a camera?)

I think the best solution is to go through a shader that pass a position (the origin of the cone) and the projection angle. But I don’t know how to do that in three.js :frowning:

There are several topics about projection :thinking:
texture projection

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I don’t want to project a texture but the meshes from a point on surface (and get this).

A wild shot: maybe this topic will be helpful Camera + EllipseCurve

I make a version that works with a spot light. But I would have preferred a purely shader solution. Thank you for your answers;) !