Issue with iOS - Three.js doesn't show

I’ve been having an issue with Three.js working as expected on all devices expect for iOS. The website in question is Any suggestions?

If you have access to an iOS device and a macOS computer, you can connect them to see JS console output from the iOS device:

I’d suggest that as a starting point, so you can see what error (if any) the iOS device is reporting.

I’m on a Windows, sadly. Any way I could troubleshoot from here? Maybe a virtual machine or something.

@tiamat I checked it in MacOS, and the T-shirt is also not showing in Safari. The console error says:

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable mouseX

Maybe the variable isn’t yet declared in line 519:
mouseX / window.innerWidth*4,

Or maybe Safari is bugging out because it’s being declared inside a <script> tag, but you’re also using it inside a <script type="module"> tag? Not sure, but that might be affecting the scope in Safari only.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll look into this.