Three.js not working using LinkedIn in-app browser on iOS

My website works in Safari iOS and Chrome iOS, as well as the Reddit iOS in-app browser, but Three.js doesn’t display when using the LinkedIn iOS app’s in-app browser.

Kinda sucks when it’s my portfolio website lol but at least most recruiters are more likely to be on desktop.

Anybody know why this is? Anything I can do? Or is this up to LinkedIn to fix?

Can the in-app browser display other WebGL content? How about the official three.js examples?

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Looks like the examples initialize but won’t display any models. It seems to be an issue with the loaders (Texture loaders, GLTF loaders etc). Anything that uses a loader doesn’t display. For example; setting a background color to a hex value will work, but loading a background texture doesn’t.

Must be an issue on LinkedIn’s end. Maybe I should bring it up to them? :o

Yes, it’s best if you file an issue at their bug tracker.