Document not showing up in browser

Hi guys. Im new to three.js but I can’t even get it to load into a browser. I’ve downloaded the files, extracted them to desktop, created a simple html file and copy/pasted the example cube scene that provides. Still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Mr_Black_Cat,

  • Can you let us know which config you are using: OS, browser and three.js versions?
  • Also when you view the official examples @, are they working for you?
  • If you use Firefox, Chrome or IE, you can use the JS console from the “dev tools” (pressing F12) and let us know the error you are getting?


Hi. I am using Windows 7, Google Chrome, and I just downloaded the complete
download of the three.js. I can view the examples perfectly fine. Any help
would be appreciated. I have a project in three.js due tonight!

Re Mr_Black_Cat,

What info are you getting back from the console?

Sorry, I don’t know exactly what you mean. I’m on a laptop and hitting FN +
F12 and the console isnt appearing.

Ok. So I switched laptops(why doesn’t my console open up on the other?) and
I’ve opened the console. "failed to load resource net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"
and an uncaught reference error stating that THREE isn’t defined. Obviously
this means that it can’t find the file location, but why? I downloaded the
three.js files and just extracted them to my desktop. Am I missing

Thank you.

Re Mr_Black_Cat,

It seams that your issue is related to a “javascript configuration” and is not pertinent to THREE.js. You might need to go through the examples to get you started. For your case scenario you can see how the src attribute is used with Can’t you ask a classmate to set you up?

Are you running a local copy of Chrome?

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