Cannot import models into my browser


I’m begginer in Three.JS, I made several tutorials that went well, but I can’t load .json or .gltf models in my browser.

For example, in this very simple tutorial: Three.js Tutorial 7 - Model Loading, the model does not appear in the browser, I can’t find where the error comes from.

However, my browser and the wamp server seem to be working well, I loaded the examples from the threejs site with this tutorial: [Introduction to THREE.js - 1 - Setting up Libraries and WAMP Server - YouTube], All it’s Ok.

I attach a zip folder with my files and codes.
wamp folder

Many thanks in advance for your help…

I think that your version of the implementation is old. You can follow the steps in the section “Install from CDN or static hosting” in the docs of three.js three.js docs.
And you can use the latest version of three.js

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Thanks a lot for your answer and the link !

By re-reading the documentation, I think I’ll rather perform an NPM installation.

As I am a beginner, I will also do Bruno Simon’s web training, this will allow me to have a good base.

Have a good day.

As a beginner, examples from the collection may help you.

Importing models:

BeginnerExample step 3