Is possible mix three js with UPBGE Blender?

I trying to add Blender UPBGE game to scene via three js, is this even possible ?
If you build with blender game engine the game, in blender you press P and game start,when I added my GLTF file to scene,just see that scene but game doesnt running.
Do we have some kind of “start” method ?

UPBGE and three.js are two unrelated ways of developing graphics applications, and I doubt you’ll be able to use one with the other.

You can export glTF files from Blender, that’s the common way to bring scenes and assets into three.js, but any game logic you’ve built in Blender cannot be exported to three.js. Just geometry, materials, textures, and animations.

Something like Needle Tools for Blender (Needle Engine for Blender | Needle Engine Documentation) would also be worth a look.

@donmccurdy y I seen that tool before,but good to know.
Thanks man