How do I upload my files to be rendered and visible via internet?

so im completely new to this forum and to the actual program so I apologize if any of my questions are obvious or dumb.

So i made a simple cube and I want to just post it on the computer so I can see it. I understand that there’s this thing called blender that can help me via youtube videos that i have watched, but it seems that blender is not supported by three.js anymore ? so there are new alternatives that can be used… can someone help me better understand what that exactly means and how i can go about doing it.

does this basically mean that i can not use blender at all?

at first i was drawing everything in autodesk inventor and exporting them to .3mf but i just need to know on how to upload the actual file via threejs so people can actually see it.

For example: In Blender export FBX file. In three.js use FBXLoader.

something like this:

var loader = new THREE.FBXLoader();
loader.load( 'models/fbx/robot/robot.fbx', addObj)

function addObj(object) {
  scene.add( object )

There is a guide in the official documentation that might be useful to you:

The recommended format of three.js is glTF. You can enhance your Blender installation with glTF-Blender-Exporter in order to export glTF files from Blender. You can then use THREE.GLTFLoader to load your assets into your app. This can be done like shown in the following example: