Editors with WebGL or Three.js

Hello, can you please tell me good editors which work with webGL or Three.js? I need an editor to do everything in it and transfer finished scenes into code. I have only seen, for example, three.js editor or https://webglstudio.org/. Are there any others? Is it possible to use, say, Unity or Unreal Engine editors and then import them into three.js or webGL?

3D editor but you do the coding of most stuff? 100% Blender, most supported and capable, you just export stuff as GLB and interpret the scene in code.
3D editor but you do the coding of quite a bit of stuff? Rogue Engine (vanilla three, despite the name its not really an engine as much as the base three.js editor on steroids) / Triplex (react three fiber, but it’s still in development and I don’t have much experience with it so hard to say how effective it is.)
Actual game engine? Pretty much only playcanvas.com.

If you use Unity you can also try going with Needle.tools, but (a) it’s still in development, things don’t always work, (b) it doesn’t port Unity scripts to Typescript so you still have to do the coding externally, (c) it ain’t free.

For UE there’s currently no export / compatibility with three.js, but there’s been some tweets showcasing someone running UE project successfully on WebGPU version of three iirc.


Can I assemble a full scene, for example in Playcanvas, and import it into Three.js?

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