Audio in three.js editor

Hi everyone I’m kind new to coding stuff so I found really interesting the potential of web editor provided by threejs. All good but I’m struggling trying to implement basic features not present in GUI like audio capabilities, FPC and others. Yes i know there is a “script” editor for every object but I don’t know how to use it correctly. Everything in the threejs user guide seems to be different to what the editor needs. Could someone guide me to find the way to make it work? Do you suggest to start over using code or there is a way/docs to manage everything thru web editor?
Thanks in advice

Hi! You not need to use editor. Just take code from examples and merge them.

Thank you for replying me. Yes i know i could start from code examples but for advanced 3D stuff i wish to use editor cause i’m not so good with coding. Could you help me to find out how to use editor with full library capabilities?

I dont use editor. Only 3ds max for exporting models to obj or fbx format.