Blog about creating 3d editor

I’m learning Javascript and threejs. The best way to learn is to do something by youself. That’s why I decided to create my own 3d editor. I created a blog and I’m posting there all my steps of creating. You are welcome to follow this blog, maybe somebodody give me a good advice or critics :blush:

My blog is here
Sourse code github


Hey! Are you planning on maybe writing in english? You seem more than capable :smiley: . It’s hard to follow the blog or give advice if I don’t understand a word :sweat_smile:

You could also check out official Three.js Discord. We have a Russian channel so you might find some additional audience


Oh, this is first very good advice :grinning: Really, I have to translate it to English :laughing: I’ll do it very soon!


Done! I translated. Now my blog is bilingual :smile:

I implemented save/load functions, export GLtf, manipulating object (Move, Rotate, Scale, Drag) and cloning it, merging scenes