SculptGL in the threejs editor

Would it be possible for me to add SculptGL features to the threejs editor? (SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app)

Kind of like adding a new object that is called “sculpt” which has some of the features found in SculptGL, but it would be in the threejs editor?

Are the differences between these two just too great to bother with trying to mix them? Like trying to mix threejs with babalonjs, which I have read is bonkers…

Thank you for the education, excellent community! :slight_smile:

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It looks like they use their own rendering pipeline and their own custom shaders. So yes, it would be a nightmare trying to merge with a Three.js


I don’t think such an integration is appropriate. In general the editor should primarily demonstrate three.js features. It’s not the goal to integrate various third-party libraries into it (like a physics engine).

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It was a hypothetical question so I could learn a bit more. I’m not a programmer so sometimes I don’t ask the questions in the best way

As @Mugen87 said adding the entirety of the tool in three.js editor is really complex and out of scope…

But instead what should be easily possible is adding a menu in three.js editor like “edit in ScultGL” and permit the serialisation to a common format like .obj or .stl and sharing thing form one editor to the other.
This implementation will need to be able to modify also ScultGL source code (that is on github :white_check_mark: ) to permit to “receive” live an object from three editor and be able to “send back” live the result of edition for three editor to load with an ObjectLoad…

A bit like the way you can “edit in Illustrator” a vector path in Photoshop…

This is not trivial but feasable !

Btw, this is already possible by saving an Object to a file, and loading it in the both editors back and forth … :wink:

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