Interactive Sphere eversion animation

I always wanted to play around with the animation for some reason. I wanted to port it to a website just so that a normal person could play around with it instead of trying to compile C++ source code that is very very hard to find.

I could not do it in python using a visualization library (my first plan was to make it with python and host it with streamlit). And i tried with p5.js also. And i still couldnt do it. I am telling this because finding out how THREE.js worked was such a joy for me. I could literally do it without much hassle. Until i found out that javascript didnt have operator overloading. But i managed to convert functions from C++ to JS and get it running. It was a great learning experience for me.

Here is the demo: sphere eversion
And source code: GitHub - osbm/sphere-eversion-animation



Hi @osbm

A beautiful effects show! :wink:

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