Library for the HoloPlayer One

Hi all! I work for a company called Looking Glass and we make a 3D lightfield display (basically a hologram machine) called HoloPlayer One. A lot of our content runs on Unity, but I’ve just released a library that uses Three.js to allow the creation of floating 3D web apps! You can find the library and some sample projects on our forum. To view the sample projects in 2D, press the backslash ( \ ) key.

Here’s a gif of my flocking sample project.


The library itself is super easy to use, you just initialize a HoloPlay object and feed it your scene, camera, and WebGL renderer, and then in your loop you call HoloPlay.render instead of your usual render call. I’ve written a full tutorial which you can read on our blog.

I’m a bit new to Three.js and WebGL, so if you guys have any suggestions on how to improve the library, please let me know! Currently there is no 3D interaction integration, but that will be coming in January/February using a depth camera integrated into our system.


Too cool! Very inspiring!!

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