In rev.151 examples the file /materials-physical-transmission has errors

In the downloaded three js v.151 master there is an example:
.151 master/examples/webgl_materials_physical_transmission

The example is not working Iam using an older version of FF but that should not matter other examples are working just fine.
I think its the kinda new “transmission” property of the physicalMaterial that are giving errors!

when I comment out. // transmission: 0.5, the rest will work.

Some one should take a look at the “transmission property”
I tried a simple glas setup with different thress js versions
but no luck so far.


Latest release is v0.151.3, which contains patches not in the original r151 release. Have you updated to that? Does this page on the website work for you, or does it give errors?

It seems OK for me but if it’s broken on your device, I’d recommend filing a bug on GitHub with the requested details about your computer.

@donmccurdy Your example works when I set in the controls: transmission to 0 but 0.1+ will hide the sphere.

Iam trying out this code:
const meshMaterial = new THREE.MeshPhysicalMaterial({
color: 0xff0000,
roughness: 0,
transmission: 1,
thickness: 0.5,

in rev120, and just now downloaded rev151 from the 3js site, but the “transmission property” seems the main issue.

Iam using chrome v.112 and FF v.102 both up to date for an older OS: macOS14 running on a MBP I7proccesor (also older type.).

This sounds like a device-specific bug, in that case. Could you file a bug report at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub ?

The problem does not happen on my macOS computer, so it’s helpful if you can be very specific, especially if any errors appear in the JavaScript console. Does the problem occur in other browsers on your computer?

Yes it does in both in FF and Chrome
few Console errors:

  • errors Intel HD Graphics
  • three.module.js:19554 THREE.WebGLProgram: Shader Error 0 - VALIDATE_STATUS false
    Program Info Log: Fragment shader is not compiled.
    FRAGMENT / ERROR: 0:952: ‘textureLod’ : no matching overloaded function found

will file a bug report

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