Some examples not working from own webspace

I am trying to build up my three.js-knowledge by looking at several examples. The problem I ran into is that it seems that three.js is not working the same way on my webspace as it is on it’s own - and I have no clue what could be the problem.
I have only downloaded the three.js-master and uploaded it completely to my webspace. When I now try some examples I get error messages I did not get from looking at the original, e.g.:
Everything fine here:
But here:
I get the errors “THREE.MeshPhysicalMaterial: ‘clearCoat’ is not a property of this material.
THREE.MeshPhysicalMaterial: ‘clearCoatRoughness’ is not a property of this material.”

Another example:
Here it’s fine:
Here it stays black with the error “THREE.WebGLProgram: shader error: 0 35715 false gl.getProgramInfoLog Must have an compiled fragment shader attached.”:

What am I doing wrong? Are there specific features or settings the webserver has to offer to run three.js? I have tested it in recent versions of Chrome and Firefox.


I’ve seen that you are using a dev version of three.js. I suggest you try it with the latest master branch (which is in general more stable compared to dev).

Thank you for your quick answer, actually the dev version was not intended, I must have clicked the wrong download link. I have just tested with the new down- and upload and it seems to work wit the current version so far.