Documentation: Broken WebGL2 Site Link

Hi, this is my first post. I want to first thank everyone involved in the development of three.js, it has made me interested in graphics programming and seeing everything that is offered in the browser is stunning.

I didn’t know who to contact about this or if this is the right place to make note of this…

I have been trying to get familiar with three.js and while reading the documentation under WebGL2 , the link at the bottom for the example of WebGL2 / materials / texture3d / volume doesn’t display and makes the div panel - div contentWrapper - div content upset when the link is followed.

Looking into this more, it looks like there is no html file linked in the debugger. Attached are two images, one that is working and the one mentioned above that is not. I’m not getting a 404, just a white screen. Perhaps this was removed and the link just needs to be deleted from WebGL2 ? Checking the github, I see no reference to this file in the examples. Perhaps it was renamed?

Tested on Firefox 67.0 and Chrome 74.0.3729.169

Please let me know if this wasn’t the correct place for this.

The correct link is here:

However, there was a new design of the examples page released yesterday and it seems it doesn’t handle incorrect URLS well. You should open an issue about this here:

Just created an issue. If I find anything else on the site I will open a new issue on github. Thanks for the direction.

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